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Are you searching for a highly professional singing teacher in London, or do you wish to reduce your accent? If so, welcome to my website. My name is Nina Kristofferson,and I am a thoroughly experienced singing, reduced accent and RP coach and Consultant. I have worked with leading performers in the West End, Broadway and Europe, and have coached all types of clients, from CEOs of large and small companies to potential X Factor winners. As the premier provider of vocal coaching in London, I really should be your first choice for all aspects of vocal, speech and speech therapy training. Why not contact me today to arrange initial consultation? 

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PAUL ALLEN, BBC R3, SUNDAY FEATURE interview with Nina on Medea/Billie Holiday ANYTHING BUT BANAL - THE FASCINATION OF THE VILLAIN 29th Dec 2013 at 18.45hrs - Tune in to listen from: 15:45

PAUL ALLEN, BBC R3, SUNDAY FEATURE interview with Nina on Medea/Billie Holiday ANYTHING BUT BANAL - THE FASCINATION OF THE VILLAIN 29th Dec 2013 at 18.45hrs - Tune in to listen from: 15:45

FRONTROW, BBC R4, Mark Lawson interview with Nina on Billie Holiday Story 3rd Dec 2013 - Tune in to listen from: 04:55

BBC Radio 4 programme

Within excess of ten years' experience, I have worked with, and taught, some of the best artists in the industry. I have also trained alongside tutors from some of the most respected vocal academies and universities, such as the Royal Academy of Music. My experience and general passion for music and speech allows me to offer a truly comprehensive range of singing and voice lessons; whether you're interested in securing my services for:

Singing Career

Singing for Fun

Reduced Accent

Communication & Conversation

Acting Career

'Estil' Technique

Speech Therapy

Intensive Vocal Coaching for Professionals

Singing Coaching For X Factor Contestants

Harmony Work & Group Sessions

Arts & Performance Counselling

Public Speaking Life Coaching

English Courses, Writing CVs and Application Letters

Improve Breathing for Stress, Anxiety and Asthmatic Suffers

Cure Snoring

Specialised Exercises To Make You More Youthful & Stop The Ageing Process

All musical & vocal styles are welcome; whether your preference is pop, jazz, blues, musical theatre, R&B, soul, light classical or opera. Also if you have a problem with your speech and you want to learn more about the voice and reducing your accent, I want to hear from you!

As an experienced professional, I realise the importance of great customer service in the success of a business. That's why I offer such a comprehensive range of services, and am even willing to provide sponsorship for individuals who I perceive to be exceptionally talented. For more information on this aspect of my services, and for a brief run-down of my fees, simply click here or follow the appropriate link in the sidebar. Click Here To Discuss Your Future and Book Your First LessonSo, for singing and reduced accent lessons in London, feel free to contact me today. My rates are very competitive so there's no excuse! Take the first step towards a career in music, improving your singing or the spoken voice today and have the confidence to speak to anyone, 'Don't be shy, follow your dreams and unlock your potential. It will change your life!'


DANIEL MOFRAD on lead guitar.


Please click on their links to check out their page and follow and/or feel free to drop me a message if you want to know more about any of them. All of them are super talented, gifted and a dream to work with.

Shaltiel Katsch - Testimony

"In not being understood and having to repeat myself constantly, I was still bemoaning the state of my speech that an accident impaired after many years. Upon contacting Nina, she has given to me the tools necessary, in a short space of time, to not only articulate and use correct diction, but also to vary the tempo, such that people used to my speech, on a day to day basis and ones that I rarely come in contact with, constantly note and complement the significant change of my speech.Nina diagnosed what parts of my speech and breathing were lacking whilst filling me with the knowledge needed when she saw the applicable muscles were able to correct the issues. I now go around my daily schedule in a working environment of architecture filled with more confidence and positivity, thanks to being comprehended instantly now. I am truly grateful for the vast improvement that is clearly evident both to me and others and would recommend Nina Kristofferson to all that want to correct, hone or amend their speech or indeed most musical fields, to which she is also well versed in thankfully".(A truly remarkable story and I am so happy that I was able to work closely with Shaltiel to bring about his full vocal recovery).Please read about Shaltiel's accident and his journey of recovery here

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