Nina has been instrumental in my career. She came like an angel at a key moment when I needed to step up to the next level. Her patience, feedback and targeted exercises helped me to use my strengths as well as improving on my weakest areas. She listened and found a tailored programme to answer my needs and more than anything find and accept my own voice and style. Thank you


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Meeting Nina for vocal lessons has benefited me in several ways.  Her vocal exercises have helped to strengthen my core muscles enabling me to deliver a natural vocal performance with a rich tonality and the correct posture.  I have a great chemistry with Nina as she is not only a good teacher but a great person and we have a laugh often in sessions.  My live performances and vocal technique has improved vastly thanks to Nina.  Since receiving Vocal lessons from Nina my vocal technique has improved greatly.


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Lessons with Nina are always firmly grounded in musical technique and sound vocal development. I have always been amazed and grateful for Nina's ability to detect by ear what attention my voice needs each lesson, so that the exercises we do are always tailored to my voice in the present. This has allowed me to deepen my own awareness and understanding of my apparatus and how to use my voice responsibly as an artist. One other thing I would say is that Nina pushes you to be your best, and has an ability and passion for you to sing in your own voice. By doing so she has developed my confidence as a singer, and helped me to develop an authentic sound that I am happy with. Her standards are high, and she both encourages and expects you to do your best - which is what makes lessons with her great. I know that if I put the work in, she will help me become the best version of myself as a singer / vocalist. To top it all off, Nina actually cares about you, your vocal development and is supportive in artistic goals, making the teacher-student relationship a valuable foundation to grow as an artist.


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I can honestly say Nina revolutionised the way I sing and I will be indebted to her forever. I had been to a few singing teachers as a semi pro in London, all of whom complimented my vocal abilities but didn't really seem to improve my power and range in full voice. Within just a couple of lessons from Nina, I was a true diva, belting out Mariah Carey with no trouble at all. Totally thanks to her awesome teaching methods. I don't know exactly how she does it, but I promise you she will change your voice forever from an ok singer to a really great singer. I haven't seen Nina for many years now but if I lived in London I would probably keep up occasional lessons, just to stay in top form. If only she lived nearer to me!!


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It's not an easy task to find a teacher with the technical know-how and experience that is a cut above the rest. I doubt any other teacher would have had the focus, zeal, and vision that could possibly inspire me enough to spend day after day doing scales and breathing exercises in a tiny flat with cardboard walls, amidst critical flat mates and jeering neighbours (one of which literally got on a microphone to sing along just so the whole block could hear him making fun of me!). The improvement I saw week after week coupled with her ability to see and communicate with such conviction the singer I could become - it strengthened my resolve far more than I ever thought possible. Whether you're a pro or an amateur looking to bring your technique to the next level, or you need more holistic type of instruction touching on everything from stage presence to song-writing, I have no doubt in my mind that Nina will exceed your expectations. Very inspiring.


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Nina's Singing class is the 1st I’ve been to, I didn’t know how it would be or how comfortable I would feel however since working with Nina each individual lesson has given results and have been tailored to my specific needs to get maximum results. Not only have I learnt so much about singing that I just never thought about, she gives me the “courage” to keep pushing through mental barriers and believe in my own voice.


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Every once in a while in your life someone comes a long who has the ability to change your life. I went to Nina with the simple desire to be able to sing, never having dared to consider a career in music. What I didn't know was that she would help me realize my potential and help me go places I never thought possible. And enter a thrilling journey as a singer. Nina is so focused whilst remaining fun and relaxed. She gives you so much technique, confidence, knowledge and advice. Everything you need to succeed. What you do with that is up to you. I owe Nina my voice, and I am forever grateful.


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