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Top Tips!

Here’s a few singing tips to help get your voice working…

Week 1 – check in for regular weekly updates

Body check list
- Shake your body loose
- Relax your head on your chest and then bring it back
- Move your head to the right and then to the left and then bring it back
- Relax your jaw so it feel heavy
- Bring you shoulder blades together
- Push your shoulders down then leg go
- Lift out of you waiste
- Shake your hips loose
- Swing your legs backwards and forward
- Stand in parallel
- Think of a string pulling out of the top of the back of your head

Face check list
- Screw your face up into a tight ball, hold for a count of 5 and then let it go
- Hang your tongue outside of your mouth so your tongue tip is trying to touch your chin and then say Aaah
- Pretend you are chewing some imaginary gum and then relax

Let’s start…
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